What is BPO/SSC?

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What is BPO/SSC?

Lot of small companies around the world use local specialized services. E.g. grocery owner may hire accountant to take care of bookings and taxes, or marketing expert to work on promotion of the store. The owner may in such case fully focus on running the business and leave non-core tasks to professionals who get things done quicker, cheaper and more effective .

BPO/SSC is abbreviation from Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Center and means performing business processes for global corporate clients.

Development of computers and electronic communication pushed such opportunities to global market. As emails and data in company’s computer systems can be accessed anywhere, international corporations centralize tasks that can be done remotely and locate respective teams in cities that are cost effective and offer high quality of work.

BPO/SSC industry may be seen as two key types of business organization:

  • BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – services delivered by specialized company for other companies
  • SSC – Shared Service Center – services delivered to company by its own specialized unit

Nowadays BPO/SSC is used by almost all the largest corporations in the world as well as more and more medium companies. It means that most of the products and services we use is in some way serviced by BPO/SSC industry, in area of accounting, logistics, IT activities, customer service or handling complaints. The largest markets serviced by BPO/SSC teams are USA and EU and the most popular locations for delivery teams are India, Philippines and Central-Eastern Europe.

BPO/SSC industry in Cracow delivers advanced business processes using specialized teams. It’s definitely different work than simple data entry work or typical call center, which are sometimes incorrectly considered the essence of outsourcing.

BPO/SSC industry in Poland is continuously growing, reaching in 2015 over 150 thousands employees working in over 500 offices for over 300 companies, which is making Poland leading country of the industry. Very important remark is that BPO/SSC industry is the most developing sector of Polish economy, continuously producing two-digit yearly increase in employment and significant development of competencies due to commencing services for more and more sophisticated processes.

The story of BPO/SSC industry in Cracow started in mid 90’s with commencing accounting services by BPO team for global leader of petroleum market. In a few years industry grew multiple times and started to service other sectors. Nowadays 25% employees in BPO/SSC industry in Poland is located in Cracow and teams service clients from all over the world in all European languages. Over 35 thousands employees work for almost all sectors and Cracow has been announced the best city for investment in BPO/SSC in Europe for the second time in a row, confirming its strong position on global market.

All information is based on own data and publications of ABSL and Aspire.

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