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Providing services to clients requires focusing on employees not only to ensure their motivation and engagement but also high level of knowledge and skills. Only this combination leads to effective service and high satisfaction of clients, so to reach such goal companies actively act in various areas to provide development opportunities to own employees.

First area that is covered immediately after new person joins company is initial training. Its form varies between companies, teams and levels of initial experience but usually contains classroom activities, practical training by specialized trainer and hands-on training under supervision of experienced coach in the team where new-joiner will permanently work.

When initial training is completed and new employee is fully independent in given tasks, the development doesn’t stop, as companies offer opportunities to widen experience and process knowledge. As there are number of activities centralized in one company, it’s possible to transfer between job roles both in vertical way (promotions) but also in horizontal way (learning other tasks and processes). In BPO companies there is another opportunity to see various versions of the same process to get even deeper and more complete knowledge, as such companies service multiple clients with various preferences and specifics.

Industry standard is intensive initial training, followed by financing or co-financing language classes, certifications, trainings or even university studies.

Most companies offers also numerous internal and external trainings (run by trainers working for the company or specialized companies accordingly). The goals of such trainings spread between general development of employees through to preparation for changing role or being promoted. Depending on the actual reason for training it may cover various areas from professional knowledge (accounting, systems, Excel etc.) to soft skills (team work, communication, time management etc.). Frequently companies create also training path for future leaders to build their competencies in managing team, recruiting, conducting appraisals or solving conflicts.

On top of trainings, most of BPO/SSC companies support also larger forms of formal education, such as professional certifications (e.g. ACCA, CIMA, CFA or PMP) or university studies. Form of support varies between companies and usually covers co-financing and supporting in documenting needed work or project experience, as needed for certification or final thesis.

Last but definitely not the least piece of development opportunities in BPO/SSC industry are language classes, which in various variants are offered by almost all companies. Depending on policy of certain company these may be organized in a form of closed classes with dedicated teacher, joining open classes in chosen language school or free choice of employees supported by reimbursing cost of classes in any language school. Also level of financing varies between companies, from full financing and organization to co-financing of classes chosen and organized by employee. Worth mentioning is the fact that languages supported are not only foreign languages, Polish classes are also available.

All information is based on own data and publications of ABSL and Aspire.

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