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Job roles

Even if tasks and teams in BPO/SSC industry are centralized and located in another country or even continent, the work still relates to local business environment and partners, clients and vendors. It means that on top of professional skills and knowledge one need also good language skills to be able to complete tasks with high quality. That’s why the industry needs not just smart people, it also looks for people speaking fluently any foreign language, ideally being native speaker.

There are numerous roles requiring various skills and matching various personal preferences, so everyone can find suitable job. No previous professional experience is needed.

Job requirements for entry level positions are in general covering language skills and computer proficiency, especially MS Office tools. There is no requirement to have any previous professional experience or relevant education as new-joiner is intensively trained after joining the team. Obviously education and experience may help to get higher level role but deciding factor for hiring decision is potential of the candidate.

BPO/SSC industry offers great stability of jobs. Long-terms contract with clients and intensive investment in employees as well as competitive labor market encourage companies to provide employees with good terms and conditions of employment. Employment may start with 3-months probation but most contracts are signed with indefinite term, giving employee the most extensive cover and stability. Worth mentioning is the fact of giving exactly same conditions to all employees, so regardless of type of contract you get same level of salary and benefits (e.g. medical insurance or sport package).

The most popular job role are related to finance and accounting service for corporate clients. IT experts and developers are also hired by specialized companies. Relatively low percentage of companies run typical call center and sales teams.

The most common job roles and their key responsibilities are:

  • Accounts Receivable Specialist/Accountant – calculates, generates and monitors invoices sent by company to its clients, monitors status of payments, contacts clients in case of delayed payments or issues with invoicing
  • Accounts Payable Specialist/Accountant – receives, reviews and processes invoices for goods and services purchased by the company, prepares and processes payments to vendors, resolves issues with vendor invoices, banking or purchasing process
  • Specialist/Accountant in internal departments – realizes various tasks for other departments of the company e.g. reimburses employee expenses, creates purchase orders, prepares reporting, controls payroll files etc.
  • Customer Service Specialist – works in contact with clients of the company supporting e.g. offering, pricing and ordering process, commencing and terminating cooperation, informing on status of order, receiving complaints etc.
  • Financial Analyst – prepares advanced reporting on both company and its partners and business environment e.g. market analysis, efficiency of other units and departments, credit management for clients etc.

All information is based on own data and publications of ABSL and Aspire.

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