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Salary & benefits

BPO/SSC industry is specific for Polish economy as it almost entirely service corporate clients abroad. It means that it create profits in developed countries but still enjoys relatively lower cost comparing to running business in these countries. Such situation and competitive market of specialists lead to the situation in which BPO/SCC industry offers better conditions of employment than Polish average both in financial and non-financial aspects.

Companies offer several non-financials components as industry standard:

  • private health insurance financed by company – free access to high quality health services and specialized doctors, both for employee and family
  • financed or co-financed leasure packages – access to gym, several physical exercises, swimming pool, tenis, tickets to cinemas and theaters etc.
  • financed or co-financed professional development packages – language classes, trainings and certifications, university studies etc.
  • insurance and stock programs – private life insurance, pension programs, employee stock purchase programs etc.
  • leisure activities – team building events, family picnicking, organizing ski tours etc.

Offered salaries depend on working language and for non-management roles spread between Polish average salary and its double amount.

Working language has significant impact on amount of salary.  For language skills on C1/C2 level (according to CEFR) monthly gross salary in BPO/SSC industry for a person with up to 1 year of experience can be estimated at:

  • English 4500-5000 PLN / ~1060-1180 EUR
  • German 4700-5500 PLN / ~1100-1300 EUR
  • French/Spanish/Portuguese – 4500-5200 PLN / ~1060-1200 EUR
  • Dutch/Danish/Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish – 5500-7000 PLN / ~1300-1650 EUR

To provide some measure for comparison, average salary in Poland in second quarter of 2015 was below 4200 PLN / ~980 EUR (as announced by Central Statistical Office), on top of this, in most companies non-financial components are either not used or very limited.

The amounts of offered salaries mentioned above are average salaries only. Actual and final amount is always agreed directly between employer and employee and based on individual assessment of skills and experience as well as effective presentation of own potential by certain candidate both in CV and during interview.

All information is based on own data and publications of ABSL and Aspire.

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