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City of everything, city of every time

Thinking about the cities, I usually think about their strongest points, leading the perception of the city. Paris is art, Venice is love, London is banking, Los Angeles is motion pictures and so on. It works for me for all cities I visited around the globe, except one…


How you can point to one single, leading thing in a city that has hundreds bars and pubs that never stop partying but on the other hand hundreds churches where you can find complete silence and peace. A place called city of retired people what is also academic heart of Poland. City that is full of artists, galleries and museums but at the same time keeps on growing business services sector at annual rate of 20%. City that was crucial to Polish history and identity of Polish nation but also hosts thousands of foreigners living in it and millions of tourists every year. That is why I call Cracow city of everything.

What about every time? Well, go under Main Square and you feel like in medieval time. Take 10 minutes walk to Wawel Castle and feel like in Renaissance. Take another 10 mins walk to Jewish Quarter and feel like in 1930s, another 20 minutes walk and you can feel all the tragedy of World War 2 in Schindler’s factory. You can take 10 minutes drive to a district built entirely as ideally planned communist city. But you can also take another 15 minutes walk and can stand in front of the offices hosting teams working on technologies that have not even been made public yet. And this is just a small piece of what the city offers. You can genuinely touch history here.

Party hard till dawn or sip coffee in quiet place, enjoy metal band concert in dusted pub or top philharmonic performers, touch history or high-tech. Whatever you want to do, whatever life you want to live, Cracow surely has a great offer for you.

OK, you may say it’s just an advertisement. Well, let’s then just quickly ask what others think:

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You may ask if Cracow is really just an ideal city where nothing can be improved. Obviously not, there are still points where there is room for improvement but it’s visible that city is working hard on these. Public transport, concert halls, road and air transportation and many other things have greatly improved over just a few years. What surely doesn’t need improvement is open and friendly atmosphere created by fantastic people of Krakow and great social and cultural offer available in the city.

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