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Work locally, work globally, work abroad

Living in an open world (or at least open Europe) gives us unique opportunity to choose the way of not only progressing but also starting professional career. But is it really worth to leave own, well known place and sail to new, unknown lands?

Fortunately time when changing places was really time-consuming, uncomfortable and expensive has passed. We can travel across all Europe in a few hours at relatively low cost and in a comfort. Even though if you don’t need to be Columbus to move to other country, most people prefer to travel as tourists, to see top attractions and come back home rather than permanently change location of home.

It’s quite understandable to me. Changing place for longer is always a risk. Not everyone will speak your language, you will come across cultural differences, you will need to learn new habits and so on. Still I genuinely believe that spending longer time abroad pays off really well, here are three key points why…

Spending longer time abroad proves that you are able to embrace significant changes, align with another culture and open to new opportunities. This is not only great for personal development but also extremely valuable from business point of view.

  1. Embrace change. You may get a job round the corner, sit in front of TV sipping beer. But you decided to pack things and change the country, culture, friends, all the life. It may be a bit scary but isn’t it exciting at the same time? Change is something that drives people to great things, without changes we get bored and burnt out.
  2. Inspire yourself. This is how our brain works, the more new things you experience, the more creative you are. Full stop. Every new situation you get into, every new place you visit, every new person you meet is boosting this magical things in your mind that produces new concepts and ideas.
  3. Meet great people. Of course, you surely can find many great people just where you are. But here is the thing, when you are expat, you are likely to meet other expats as well (at least in Cracow you have this guaranteed) and this is unique chance to not only experience a change yourself but also to meet other people in the same situation, exchange thoughts and ideas but also meet various cultures coming to one place.

This is great you may say but what about my professional skills? I may get extensive knowledge about running a business in some country but will this help me to build competencies needed after my return home? Well, there are also three solutions here:

  1. Never come back. Well, that’s the solution that is kind of very permanent but if you really like the place you found, why not stay there for life? In such case you may not worry about your international skills, you just get more and more local… Does it work? Sure think, in Cracow there are many foreigners who openly say they are not going to move anywhere else!
  2. Focus on competences allowing you to work as someone specialized in certain country market. You may get local job and later on, at home become a link to other country, e.g. after working for Polish fruit company and learning market, you can start importing famous Polish apples to your country…
  3. Work for international company with standardized, location agnostic processes. This is probably the most open option, to get experience and skills in something that is done the same way in each and every country. The perfect example is BPO/SSC with its work that you can do in Cracow but in fact the experience may be used to find a job in any country.

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